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Telnet Hacking

Discussion in 'Programming' started by shukad33, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. shukad33

    shukad33 New Member

    I've made a TCP/IP port scanner in C and I found out the open ports on a remote host..If port 23 is not open, Is there any use in telnetting to another port so that it can be hacked?
  2. kanaks_go4ex

    kanaks_go4ex New Member

    can u add more clarity in your questions
  3. hackfreak

    hackfreak New Member

    except port 23 you can telnet on other ports such as port 25 which is the smtp protocol.
  4. P455w0rd_Cr4kz

    P455w0rd_Cr4kz New Member

    absolutely,do some research on specific commands for diff. ports. I had accessed servers thru telnet in diff. ports. It will all depend on how secure it is,the rfirewall,if it's passworded ect.
  5. Nishant24

    Nishant24 New Member

    well, can u share your code for making that scanner in c?

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