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Techno Tia seeking More Information

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Hello Everyone!
My name is Tia and I am a26 years old single mother trying to learn more about a field of technology that has me mesmerized. I am an extremely blunt person, with no sugar coding factor, and I have not fear of criticism. I am looking for a Technical Mentor or just someone with a wealth of knowledge to guide me. Someone that is able to assist me in my online learning of the field of study IT Security/Penetration Testing/Programming.
I am a novice to this partial study, but not technology. My current job allows me to repair desktops, laptops, ipads, hardware and certain applications in software… I am not a novice at all to technology, but I am just looking for someone I can communicate with on a weekly bases. Someone that is able to answer questions and figure out my progress. Someone that will make the learning fun since it is a difficult task. Quiz and test me on certain aspects and be able to share their knowledge.
I am able to communicate via Google+ video chat, skype, instant message or email. I am a night owl, so I up most nights after work and don’t usually fall asleep until early am. I will trade my information once I am able to locate a mentor.

If you are unable to assist me, please do not make any snide comments, just point me in the right direction and it would very much appreciated on my part.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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You can always ask your questions in forums.
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I've been reading the forums since I join, very knowledgeable.
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