I'm not sure if this will be enough information to help me, but here goes....

I get a runtime error from the statement below that says "No value given for one or more required parameters" . Can anyone figure out why?? I'm stuck.......thanks!

.Source = "select timage.*, InStr([Keywords],'" & [Forms]![search options]![searchtext] & "') AS Expr1, IIf(IsNull([forms]![search options]![combo121]),[category],[category]=[forms]![search options]![combo121]) AS Expr2" _
& " FROM timage WHERE (((InStr([Keywords],'" & [Forms]![search options]![searchtext] & "'))>0) AND ((IIf(IsNull([forms]![search options]![combo121]),[category],[category]=[forms]![search options]![combo121]))=-1));"