Suggestions Needed :

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Hi ,

I need to redesign this site so that it looks more modern...ive used a poor WYSIWYG editor to make this one..

So it is using tables and other non standard i need to redesign it and make it more modern but i dont want to add too much Animation and slow down the site

Site URL :
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So what suggestions are you looking for?
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what the suggestions, you need, layout, color, design?
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you should work lil more to make it more attractive
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Yes you should definitely redesign that website.

To me it looks like one of those sites that are just set up for easy money, cashcow kind of thing.

Then how?
You should make it look more clean: use a nice font and choose 2 or maybe 3 basic colors that you will work with. Also make it look more professional so the people will want to look into the website.

Hope you can do something with my feedback,
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why i dont know that the above person said like "you should definitely redesign that website."

The design is very nice. use facebook like box or G+ like box for more publicity.

I think your logo is not related to your domain niche. Try to change it.
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You make amendment with the help of dream views.

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Hi you need to work on the design. Check out some professional websites. Reduce text on front page. Present info with images or just spacious highlights and branch up their content into separate web pages.

You may use CSS Brush - A chrome plugin to design the CSS styles of yours webpages live.