Need suggestion for web server security

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Hi all,

Am planning to do a server security configuration in windows 2003 and following are the concepts am going to use.

System Integrity Verifiers
hard disk/file encryption
Intrusion detection system
recovery software

I need suggestion, comments and feedback to make this better and also the best software for these. Pls help me in this. thanks in advance.
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keylogger for securing. I am not sure why you should be using it ?
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Even if some gets into the system we will know what they did using keylogger which has ability to take screenshots..
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I will suggest VM Ware for the honey pot, you will nedd 4 Gb RAM and 3 GHz Dual Core CPU, one server can be any dud server that you want it to be, i.e: you can have your webserver with IP, your Telnet server with IP, your FTP server, and your RDP server with IP, all on one single server using VM Ware. WM Ware is a virtual machine on a computer like Virtual Computer from microsoft, you can even use that if you want. If i would get to a network that has Telnet, FTP, RDP, and WEB servers all open, heck! that makes a very good play ground for any intruder and the intruder will never know a single thing, fake data is all he will get. keylogger is a very bad idea the being that waht if the intruder actually gets to the log file of the keylogger?? Then that person will be able to see what you typed on the server. Passwords, hints anything he can pick up in there will be used against you. For file encryption I will suggest Folder lock, very stable and easy to use.