Suggest me the off page seo activity for get site up in search engine.

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Hi there
I am running a farming business from last 3 years. I have a site and I want to get this site up in google on "Cattle Fence" keyword. Kindly let me know that what activity should i do.

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The first thing I noticed was that the word "cattle fence" doesn't appear anywhere on your page. Then when I clicked on the "fencing" tab there was no mention of it there either.
You would need some content related to this subject if you want to rank for it.

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You should do following techniques to get good ranking position:

* Web Directories
* Article Submission
* Profile Creation
* Forum Posting
* Social Bookmarking
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Would anyone posting any further lists please ensure they do not contain anything that has been listed already.

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First try to optimized your website with your targeted keywords then collect the quality backlinks with the help of the off-page optimization techniques such as:

1. Blog Commenting
2. Press release submission
3. Classified ads submission
4. Web2.0
5. Guest blogging

It will help you to get quality backlinks for your website which helps you to get your targeted keywords on the top of the search engines. But always keep in mind that use ethical ways of promotion otherwise you will get banned from the search engines...

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The OP is banned so there is no point in continuing trying to resolve their question. Thread closed.