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When strtok is used and it doesn't find the delimiter when strtok is used the FIRST time, it should return a null. But this doesn't seems to be the behavior. Pl refer to this code -

char*  szInputStr = "string to split up";
char *copy = NULL;

/* Copy the szInputStr to Copy */

len = strlen(szInputStr);
copy = (char *)malloc(len+1);
strcpy(copy, szInputStr);

/* Do strtok */
result = strtok(copy, "~");
if(result == NULL)
printf("result is NULL \n");
printf("result is NOT null \n");
The above code should return NULL - right? Please confirm.

Actually the value is same as the original string - "string to split up". The above code prints -
"result is NOT null"

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No, it should not. Strtok returns a NULL when no more tokens are found. On the first call it found "string to split up". The return will be a pointer to that token, which happens to be the entire input string.

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