Storing a list of information of different types of data in an Array

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partNo Description quantity i
123 Shampoo 24
224 Blue Biros 56
225 Red Biros 32
324 Cheese 15
369 Shower Gell 8
145 Green Olives 35

Hello, i am new to this forums and i have a problem with my project. I have to code an inventory control system for warehouse. This is the list of information i need to store in a class, but i just can't figure out how. Any help appreciated
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Something like that:

Code: Java
public class Inventory {
    private long partNo;
    private long description;
    private long quantity;

    public Inventory() {

    public Inventory(long partNo, long description, long quantity) {
        this.partNo = partNo;
        this.description = description;
        this.quantity = quantity;

    public long getPartNo() {
        return partNo;

    public void setPartNo(long partNo) {
        this.partNo = partNo;

    public long getDescription() {
        return description;

    public void setDescription(long description) {
        this.description = description;

    public long getQuantity() {
        return quantity;

    public void setQuantity(long quantity) {
        this.quantity = quantity;

Now you can create new object and att it to your array:

Code: Java
Inventory[] inventories = new Inventory[10];
        inventories[0] = new Inventory(123, "Shampoo", 24);

BTW it will be better to use lists instead of arrays. For example, ArrayList.

PS. Also you need to find some Java book :-). It will be helpful.

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i think thsis are methods right?
or classes?

god damn, every time goes by i forgot the basic codes damnit.
need to drink or take a medicine for anti amnesia. :P
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It looks nice to me. Just the content arrangement, make some improvements.