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storing integer in processor

Discussion in 'C' started by kamlesh.m, May 12, 2008.

  1. kamlesh.m

    kamlesh.m New Member

    Hello Guys and gals

    I have a strange question

    When I write
    int x= 4;
    The datatype x gets stored in 32 bit compiler in the format 0x000 0100 which is basically a binary format.

    but if I use
    float y= 0.7;
    The datatype as usual should be stored in a binary format.
    but if we convert 0.7 to binary the procedure is as follows

    0.7*2 = 1.4;
    0.4*2= 0.8;
    0.8*2 = 1.6;
    0.6*2 = 1.2;
    0.2*2 = 0.4;
    0.4*2 = 0.8;

    which goes in a never ending loop
    So the binary format (user level) of integer y is 0.10110........
    I just want to know the compiler representation of the above number.

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