System statements in C

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I need help with some coding in C

I want to extract some registry info from HKCU (Current user) named "Volatile Environment"

Here's how to do it:

c:\>reg save "hkcu\volatile environment" <filename>

This is to extract the info.

Now the problem.....



system("reg save "hkcu\volatile environment" <filename>");

It does not want to accept the above as valid code in Dev-cpp.

Anyone know how to do this?

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Can't see any reason why that shouldn't work, if the command is exactly the same as the command line version. Don't forget that if you try to include a " inside a string that will actually terminate the string, so if the code is exactly as pasted I bet you're getting errors about some unknown symbol hkcu. \ is the escape character so \" will get you an embedded quote in a string, and of course the backslash in \v will need escaping as well.
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Thanx mate, I got it right!!