if statement or switch case

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I am working on a tax calculation program. i want to use multi if statement in the manner below:-

if sex=Male
and income>110000 and income<=150000
then tax=(income-110000) *10

elseif if sex=male
and income>150000 and income<=250000
then tax=(income-150000)*20+4000

elseif sex = male
and income>250000
then tax(income-250000)*30+24000

Please tell what will be the proper syntax for this problem in access and where to write this code.

Thanks in advance.
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You would have to create a module by clicking on module on the left of the window. This allows you to write vba (Visual Basic for Applications) code. Create a function called TaxCalc or anything else you want to name it and make it public. That way it can be reached by queries, etc.

Public Function TaxCalc(Income as single) as single

your code here

end function

This accepts the income as a parameter and calculates a result. If you name the result TaxValue, your last statement in the function would be