View Poll Results: What is the best starting language for a newbies?
C-C++ 12 66.67%
Java 1 5.56%
VB 3 16.67%
MFC 0 0%
C# 2 11.11%
PERL 0 0%
PHP 1 5.56%
ASP / ASP.NET 0 0%
Delphi 0 0%
Would depend on what tech he is interested in. 2 11.11%
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What is the best starting language for a newbies?

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What is the best starting language for a newbies?
  1. C-C++
  2. Java
  3. VB
  4. MFC
  5. C#
  6. PERL
  7. PHP
  8. ASP / ASP.NET
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For complete beginners & novices, the language of choice must be C & C++, as they are quite easy to learn & master & establish some sound engineering/programming principles.

Moreover, C & C++ has had 30 years of evolution & sustainment - naturally, the amount of web portals & resources (books & sites) are tremendous & students have a lot to refer & learn.

The crucial point is that C was the first truly modern procedural language with an amazing degree of direct memory access (through the art of pointer manipulation) - so, it started off a revolution of sorts, as programmers could now develop critical O.S. kernels in C.

Again, C++ because it ushered in a new era of Object Oriented Programming - the foundation for most modern programming - the concepts of inheritance, polymorph ism saw realization via the medium of C++.

VB is another light-weight option available to beginners - although, newbies would not be exposed to the same degree of rigorous engineering principles, that they might get to see in C/C++