SQLAPI++ Library

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Hi i have been given task to connect different databases and by using C++ Language.. and i searched on-line and got a solution which later i have added with win32 console application in VS2005 and it worked well..

now the same task has been given to to work with that API in Linux environment and i couldn't be able to get that how to configure API with Linux's compiler to work with that Library and write my own program. i ma send you the API web Site . please help me in this regards.


kindly help me out

i have no idea ever to work with the Linux. I will be very very grateful to you for this favor...

Just tell me how may i add the reference of those Libraries into Linux Compiler so it could compile them.. with no error and give a fruitful result
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To compile and link in one step just add the library names to the gcc line, e.g.:
gcc myprog.c -o myprog somelib.a

If the library isn't in the current directory use -L to specify the directory containing the library.
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Thank you very much sir...