Hello :-)!

I'd like to create simple system for speech recognition such that:
1. user makes a call from mobile phone
2. Skype (maybe with MyToGo) on server automatically receives this call
3. application in VB redirects speech from Skype to Sphinx4
4. Sphinx4 recognizes spoken words and answers according to them
5. speech answer is redirected to Skype with the use of "special" application
6. user on mobile phone hears the answer
7. and so on :-)
8. user finished the talk

Can you give me any suggestions how to write this "special" application so that:
1. call is automatically received on Skype (maybe it can be done in Skype itself, without need of "special" application)
2. how to redirect speech from Skype to Sphinx4 and vice versa

I was trying to get the answer on Skype forum (h ttp:/ /forum.skype.com/index.p hp?showtopic=464711&st=0&gopid=2124751&#entry21247 51) but I didn't recieve any information about how to redirect speech from Skype to other application. I also thought about using Visual Basic to create this "special" application but somebody suggested me that it is not worth a trial. He suggested that I should use Office Communication Server 2007, however it is not free-ware software. I decided to post my question here, not only restrict myself to VB forum. Can you give me any suggestions, please?

Greetings :-)!