Spamming through my e-mail

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here i want to share that i have an account on Hotmail and its 9 years old. then there came a gape when i didn't check it for one month and after that when i opened it it was blocked for spamming. i reopened it and changed password. some one was using it to send spam to all my msn contacts. then after a month it happened again. i activated it but now for the third time i am facing the same situation. i have changed the password and all other personal info but still unable to get rid of the situation. so please help me getting out of it because its a very old and important ID for my use.
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whoever had access to your email account copy all your contacts,it's probably a bot. So even if you changed your password,it has your email and your contacts. I had the same problem,so i changed my password from another pc and didnt login on mines for a while.
Still had the same problem for weeks until they stopped.
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There must be some sort of malware on your pc itself that is tracking all the changes you do with the account. Happened with me too.