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I am so sorry I have'nt gotten back to you sooner. I have completed the programs, and since then have written a tic tac toe game. Nothing flashy at all. I'm kinda new at this, so what can you expect. Anyway, I would be happy to take suggegstions for improvement of the game.
Here is the link to the code and the game.
Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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Hey I must say well Done and nicely programmed also.

But if you dont mind I can get some points to your mind.
1. Make it 1,2,3 and not 0,1,2 as x and y co-ordinates.
2. Commenting the source is not a bad option either.

To be honest I didnot programme by TicTacToe programme this well. Keep up the good work.

Alse we have a section for code upload and you can put this code there also. Here is a link to that section
code and projects
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Thanks for your advice. I'll give it a try. I'll also upload the code to the website. Thanks again.
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i tried your game its good