soneone help me to decrypt this code plssss

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i've got this code from learn-to-hack . com

i must pay 90 Euro for Decrypt this code . i think it's too expensive !!


i find the way to crack by seacrhing and i can't found only one.

someone help me to crack it pls ....

or tell me how to hack hotmail password

PS.i use "cain" already. but it's not work or i don't know how to use

(sorry if my english is not good)
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if someone can decrypt it, are you will pay she/he???
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basically i saw lern-to-hack as a complete fraud and the md5 given is not valid
dont keep your hopes on thz lousy things
if you want to hack why dont you try??
[btw there's no way of getting the facebook password like that unless FABCEBOOK IS HAVING A VERY BIG SQL HOLE )