Solve Of The Problem Opening Removable Drive After Virus Cleaning!

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I've faced this problem many times that is why I'm sharing it with you!
The problem is that many time after removing virus from a removable drive (such a pen drive) we are unable to open it! i.e, explorer is prompting "OPEN WITH"! Here is the solution of this problem!
Simply go to DOS and then type the drive letter i.e, the drive path [If it it Removable disk (j: ) then type j: - Follow the total instruction below.
c:\>j: <enter>
j:\>attrib -s -h <enter>
Now go to My Computer and right click on your removable drive and explore. There you will find a file named <autorun.inf> simply shift delete it! Then exit dos by EXIT command, Remove your drive and reinsert it, Now it is usable again!

Thank You!

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You submitted this as article and I moved it to forum.
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remove readonly attribute too.

j:\>attrib -s -h -r * <enter>