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Interesting Problem to Solve / Kiosk screen

Discussion in 'Web Design, HTML And CSS Forums' started by xtrude64, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. xtrude64

    xtrude64 New Member

    Hello all,
    I have an interesting problem to solve. We are building a kiosk like screen that loads websites live from their url, then we need to overlay a Flash movie with some bullet points and description of the content / site underneath.
    The pages change every couple minutes to a new website, then put up new Flash describing it.

    Some of the sites take over the browser if attempting to load through frames, so frames are out.
    Even if I try and load through an iFrame still takes over parent browser.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    Strip Script tags from the pages you load!

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