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Use software with not dongle.. Yes I have dongle..

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by iahunter11, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. iahunter11

    iahunter11 New Member

    I have a copy of signlab 7.1 with the dongle.. I run a small sign shop.. I work from home a lot too but don't like transporting my dongle from home to work everyday b.c I know I am going to eventually loose it is there anyway to use the software without the dongle one of the computers?
  2. iahunter11

    iahunter11 New Member

    In case it is needed the dongle says Aladdin pro 321-61 on it..
  3. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    So what is the point?
  4. iahunter11

    iahunter11 New Member

    I want to be able to design stuff at home in the sign software when not at the shop and don't want to lose the dongle or if I am at home I can design it and email to shop and have someone cut it.. I can't do that right now.. I have to drive to the shop to give them the dongle so they can cut it.. It will be way more cost effective if I can use both computers at the same time..
  5. iahunter11

    iahunter11 New Member

    I have been doing so research and found a dongle emulator program... It will cost me $400 us dollars does anyone know anywhere I might be able to get it a little cheaper???
  6. iahunter11

    iahunter11 New Member

    WOW this forum is really helpful.. Thanks for the info...
  7. rajagopi

    rajagopi New Member

    Can I have the "INFO!!!"
    Thanks in advance.

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