socket programs do not giv any output

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hi all; i m reading " unix network programming " by richard stevens . i am in the chapter 5 of the book. various examples given in the book , are really simple and well understood. but when i write the codes myself , and compile using gcc, it goes well and compiles good. but it doesnt give any output when i try the executables with commanmd line arguement . it doesnt giv any err but just hangs on. for ur information , i m using a proxy server.(is this problem becoz of this ?); plz help so that i can carry on with the book;

vijay k
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Can you give the sample program which is causing the problem.
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have u check out the unp.h and othere includer header files well...
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if u think ur code is fine

try this

give \n in printf ---> printf("..........\n");

may u will get output