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Socail Networking Sites:Face Book, My Space

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by elum.chaitu, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. elum.chaitu

    elum.chaitu Banned

    To improve traffic to our Website in SEO Do Social Networking. i know this but my problem is how the traffic will comes from these sites?
    i tried it but i didn't get. is there any special procedures or any techniques to get traffic from networking sites?:(
    can any body give me the suggestions.
  2. infowaylive

    infowaylive New Member

    Good question. Doing is SMO is one thing and redirecting to visitor to your site is another. You have to use your brain to do so. Don't just promote your link or product through them. Rather give people very interesting knowledge as well. Participate in groups events, or you can invite your friends to the discussion board to discus over something. Comment on friend's links, pics and videos etc. Oh.. sorry to mention upload good pics videos off and on so that your page doesn't look monotonous. Slowly but steady you too will get a lot of traffic from them. Plenty more next time.
  3. elum.chaitu

    elum.chaitu Banned

    Thanks for the reply. you mean to say first we have to add the people with the use of most interesting topics. after that we have to promote our service. right?
  4. Paulson

    Paulson New Member

    social networking is a different ball game, You need to build a reputation, how can you do that? by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, by exchanging ideas and information, by passing on useful and interesting contents. follow or befriend people related to your line of business. once you build a reputation, people not only will follow you but also will listen to what you say. Don't focus too much on promoting your business, you can do that occasionally, you can inform about your new releases or launches or any new products etc. You should show more interest in participation and building a massive network.
  5. elum.chaitu

    elum.chaitu Banned

    Thanks for your Suggestion Paulson. its really helpful for me.
  6. macktoyson

    macktoyson New Member

    well, it's right social networking is reputation game there everyone promoting your business and products, by top networking site like twitter, facebook etc. now days social networking is just a game there user want to promote own business easily.

  7. marchal04

    marchal04 New Member

    In my own experiences, social networking sites like twitter, facebook are really useful for traffic purpose. You need to setup attractive profiles with your targeted keywords and write your keyword oriented posts with hot trends words on those platforms. Of course, increasing followers would be the main issue for success on social networking sites.
  8. 4deewar

    4deewar New Member

    I agree with you, social networking websites are use for generate the business.

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