anyone has a sms sending script

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is anyone here having a php script for sending sms from web to mobile phones?
even any kind of help will be appreciated..
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There are 2ways to achieve this. First one is you can use some website's API to send sms. Another one is you can use your phone as modem. Then can install php web interface to send sms. It's upto you, which way you want....
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Be aware that SMS uses the mobile network and so is not free. Use your own phone, as above, and you pay. Use an API to some other site and they will either want paying or will restrict the number of messages you send. They may be cheap, but you may be someone wanting to send 10,000 per day. Or you may be a spammer (as far as they know).


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Hey, I'm sharing a link just check this " "

You will get the data in this .
Good Luck