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Small Searching Application

Discussion in 'C' started by vishnukumar, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. vishnukumar

    vishnukumar New Member

    Hi! i am new to this forum.I want to create small searching application to search through the system( assume Win XP).I am doing my 3rd yr in Software Engineering.So i want to get experience by creating small small software before doing my major project next year.I am sure many of you guys know how to create new software.I am hoping to get many help.

    1)Can you guys tell me how to create new application using C or C++ or java language ?

    2)After writing code what i have to do to make it as program ?

    3)Finally and actually i want to know , How to create a search application for a system to search through my system just like searching in Windows?(Someone please guide me or give some steps to do that)
  2. seopeter

    seopeter New Member

    You have to compile and test with C and C++ compiler depending in which language you created your application
  3. vishnukumar

    vishnukumar New Member

    Is there is any function available to search through your system files? can you tell me that function name or can you give me book name which i need to read about file systems fully?

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