My Site's disappeared from google overnight??

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My Site suddenly disappeared from Google overnight.

northcoastcomputerservices dot com

I had been getting Google first/second page placements on searches for "hp coupons", "dell coupons" and the like. I had, the day before, made a couple of minor changes to some H2's - like from "Specials and Savings" to "Computer Deals" - but nothing radical.

Suddenly at about 8:00pm last night I disappeared totally and have not even gotten 1 hit today - usually 75 to 100 hits a day.

Can anyone suggest what might have happened please?

Thank you.
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There can be more than one reason for this and one of them being normally happening phenomenon with Google as Google constantly changes itself for better results.

The other one being you are hitting different data centers and as your site is newly into Google all the data centers are not updated,
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If you sign up for Google webmaster tools, which is entirely free, you can get some more detailed information on your site. It does state there that Google can suddenly drop your rank or the site altogether, and gives various reasons why, such as the changing algorithm, etc. Worth a shot.