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If you have genuine- copyscape verified content then - You can submit in millions website.
- Must be anchor only 2 links
- Must be proper author information
- Must be manual submissions

Do only white hat and ethical submission.

thank you.
I was wondering the same but going through the discussion i felt little different because I never came across any duplication issue while article submission. Is there any other method of submitting article where you get duplication warning.
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One Article submitted only 10 different article with the same author name.
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Originally Posted by Ken Peterson View Post
If you submit your article to one directory, and then 100 publishers republish your article. That makes a total of 101 backlinks for you as a result of publishing that one article on that one directory.

Not bad, but what if you submitted your article to ten directories with the same result–101 backlinks build as a result of publishing on each site. That’s a big increase, isn’t it?
I don't know about this concept of link building. Thanks for sharing it here.