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Is My Site SEO Friendly ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by coderzone, May 18, 2009.

  1. disseomelbourne

    disseomelbourne New Member

    Make your website toally SEO friendly and start off page activities you definetly get ranking.

    Title length should be 60 to 68 characters including spaces.
    Description lenght should be 160 to 168 characters including spaces.

    Do not stuff keywords only in title and description.
  2. Tushar Chhikara

    Tushar Chhikara New Member

    what steps do i need to take on regular basis to get my website seo friendly.
  3. nitinsaxena91

    nitinsaxena91 New Member

    One of the good "On Page practices" is Internal linking.
    It means how you can connect your all website pages with each other with the help of Quality Content.
  4. lovesamrat

    lovesamrat New Member

    All the factors depand on this.
  5. annawatson

    annawatson New Member

    Meta description must be in the limited character as in 140-150 character..
  6. yashepe

    yashepe New Member


    You have good check-list, but remember not to overuse any thing ( including the keywords). Because anything in access is not good for anyone.

  7. Emma Phill

    Emma Phill New Member

    Imply alt img to tag keywords with the images and more beneficial if registered in Google business and its map.
  8. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk New Member

    Your asking question or suggesting for on page seo this should be there and follow
  9. jerryanderson02

    jerryanderson02 New Member

    yeah! I agree with you.. linking content is much help.
  10. reputationsolutions

    reputationsolutions New Member

    I would like to know any important suggestions for improving its search engine ranking..Google has changed a lot in all these years and now there are very specific seo techniques google accepts..A suggestive reply from seo members will be appreciable
  11. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk New Member

    All of the above question mine answer is yes
  12. munozjaimeb

    munozjaimeb New Member

    Your website should not be heavy and don't be over linking on the web page
  13. rajkumarji

    rajkumarji Banned

    yes good information...thank you to share it..
  14. shaweta

    shaweta Banned

    The implementation of proper ON page changes are required to make any website SEO friendly. The above checklist covers most of the changes..
  15. mialuzzatto

    mialuzzatto New Member


    Add some keywords and create meta and check online seo tools, you got good idea.
  16. Rahulda

    Rahulda New Member

    Improve page speed nowadays page speed is ranking factor.

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