Is My Site SEO Friendly ?

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Lets put a checklist which would gives answer to the question in Title.
  • Is Title appropriate to the content?
  • Is Title Unique for each Page
  • Is there an Hx Tag?
  • Are URLs User friendly?
  • Is the content really worth linking ?
  • Have I avoided all the blackhat SEO methods like hidden text and keyword stuffing?
  • Is site rendered well on text browser?
  • Do I have a Sitemap?
  • Is my robots.txt not blocking any needed url ?
  • Is Meta tag stopping Google to index anything which needs indexing?
  • Is Meta keyword and description there for all pages ?
  • Is your alt tag of images rightly describe the image?
  • Have you added rel="nofollow" to all external and internal non content links ?

Add if you have anything to add here.
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Do not over use of keywords.
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I would suggest if we can check all this just by entering an URL of our site, is there any tool available for doing the same ?
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in the title tag...80 characters only including the spaces..meta keywords is not important for google but in bing and yahoo, it is still effective..
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Validate your website using ,etc .
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1. Is my web hosting reliable and my website online most of the time?
If is not, no point in checking anything on your website
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The answer of your all questions is yes.
Also make more to more quality dofollow backlinks by do forum posting and articles creation and submit on high pr websites..
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Originally Posted by williamssara88 View Post
Do not over use of keywords.
what is keyword stuffing ? how to make sure i'm not overuse ? thanks
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Originally Posted by fansi099 View Post
what is keyword stuffing ? how to make sure i'm not overuse ? thanks
If you are using keywords for your users you should be all fine.
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Don’t add the keyword stuffing more than 2%.