Problem in site promotion in seo

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Tell me the reason why the robot not crawl my site last one months.My site has 10 backlinks ,page rank is 0(zero).I check that my site is not in sand box.

when i check my site on google toolbar through info:site url
it would not display cache my ste last one months.---------what is the reason

How to overcome of this problem??

In the beggining there was no problem in my site.All the keywords came on top 10 in google,yahoo.but at this time keywords is coming only msn.

Our keywords are: ipl 2009,india election 2009

Plz reply me
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It looks like you need to have more backlinks because 10 is not what can make you good unless they are from a very high PR regularly updated and cached pages
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Please build more backlinks to your website and link to websites similar to your niche.
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Google might not have updated yet.. You have to wait for the update and see the result if google has indexed your site.. But before that time comes, make sure to get more and more back links because 10 back links isn't enough.. Participate in doing deep linking, this way, google will index your inner pages more easily..