Need a site for hotmail password hackin

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the other day i was at my girlfriends house and i was up in her and at one time she left me by my self in her room and i jump on her computer and her hotmail was open so me been curious started checking her emails and i notice thier were alot of emails from a close friend of mind but i did not have time to read it cause i heard her coming so i just got of b4 she saw and i wanted to ask her wassup with dat but i was afraid she will get mad sense i invaded her privacy and i dont wanna assume anything so ill just like to see for myself if anything is going on.If anyone can give me a site dat would help il apreciated.Ty in advance
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Its not that much easier. If u really wanna read those mails, do one thing. jus change her password, and her security question(so that she can't retrieve her password) and read all the mails as soon as u can, and make her account as before.
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How to change the password he want that information first.

Whatever it is you no need to read others mails. Its their privacy whether you are betrayed or what ever you think. And at the same time keep faith in your girl friend and be transparent always. Once you got the doubt just clear that otherwise whenever you see her, you are in negitive thoughts (may be the message in side is not bad). Go straight forward and clear your doubts. Never drag the things in this type of relations. And be cool to clear the doubts from otherside and listen to them.

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