the best site for free hosting

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today it is hard to find a good hosting site for free.
searching the internet I found the ones below that are excellent. I hope you like: (with php, mysql, ftp recommend) (with php, mysql, ftp). (with php, mysql, ftp).

I wish you tell me other free web hosting. thanks!
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Even if there are others than you should not be using them because taking control of your online presence is important as well.
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There are Lot's of company provides free hosting.But in my opinion cheap or paid hosting is better.Because there are Lot's of disadvantages of free sites.i.e Search engine frequently ignores free sites, Poor help and support.May they will not give you for life time.
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I think is good. It is free cpanel host with 1500 MB Disk Space and 100 GB / month Data Transfer