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simple while loop

Discussion in 'C' started by free2rhyme2k, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. free2rhyme2k

    free2rhyme2k New Member

    Hi there

    I am writing a simple while loop which terminates on the condition that a certain value is found, as follows

    std::string question = q.quest().que();
                std::string answer = q.ans().answer();
                std::string graphic = q.inf().info();
                std::string english1;
                std::string english2;
                std::string arabic1;
                std::string arabic2;
                while((answer != english1) || (answer != english2)) { 
                                english1 = opt[0].english();
                                arabic1 = opt[0].arabic();
                                english2 = opt[1].english();
                                arabic2 = opt[1].arabic();

    The program gets stuck in the while loop. I guess this is some sort of error in the while loops condition. If I take out the second condition and make it just based upon “English1”, then it works fine.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance
  2. asadullah.ansari

    asadullah.ansari TechCake

    wrong logic!!!
  3. logical_brain

    logical_brain New Member

    while((answer != english1) || (answer != english2))
    Think over this code.
    let answer != english1 is X
    and answer != english2 is Y

    Possible combination
    X   Y   Result
    0   0    0
    0   1    1
    1   0    1
    1   1    1
    Only condition when while loop breaks is When Result is 0 Which is only possible when answer = english1 and answer = english2 (Think how it can be possible)

    TRy to change you while loop test condition


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