Simple Program for me please?!!

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Hi guys. I have a problem for uni that is simly driving me mad. as someone who is VERY new to the work of C (basic of basic) i need some help.
Here is the problem:-

Write a C program that reads a file containing the source of a C program and specifically:
a. Removes all comments.
b. Removes all unnecessary spaces and formatting.
c. Writes the processed code to a second file using a maximum of 80 characters on a line. (Be careful not to break up text strings.)
d. Takes its input and output filenames as arguments to the program’s command line.

Thank very much in advance
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You have posted it as an Article under the Article / Source code section. I have moved it to the Queries and Discussion forum.

You should not be posting the queries in the manner you have done but if you are stuck at any place you can ask the experts. This forum is not for your assignments.

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