very simple check subarray sums if theyare equal

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how to recursively check subarrays of length n (of an array of length N) if they are equal ?

eg indices,

n= 2 -> 1+2=3+4=....
n=5 -> 1+2+3+4+5=6+7+8+9+10=

this is simple but i don't know how im new i just learn loop but i need its recursiveness

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We're glad it's simple. We might wonder why, if it's so simple, you're asking the question.

At any rate, we don't produce free homework here; we help you with problems with YOUR code. Produce some code. Read about code tags first, so you preserve your formatting (see the "Before you make a query" thread).
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I tell you the truth that when I was reading your post first time and your name,
I was angry and wanted to tell you that "Sorry if you could pretend to be a gay male to attract gay community online on web coding messages, then I couldn't or could be anyone out there to waste people's time and boggle their mind, because I am not that type (perhaps fully feminine, straight man, or more beautiful -bisexual-)"

But when I write this down, I have no idea in mind of that anymore, I really really want to respect to talk to you because you sometimes are very funny, you could make me smile a lot from time to time.

I need to solve that problem with head and tail sums not just consecutive sums as explained above, there is an interesting thing I found from such a combination, I need to understand and write code to clearify it.

I wonder how you look like when you laugh and talk etc. :-) bye