Can we use shorten URL for off-page submission?

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Hello Everybody,
I have list of social bookmaking & I have submitted my all links. So now could i used shorten URL for submission? Is it legal or spam? Does this thing help me to get ranking high?
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Can you please clarify the meaning of "shorten URL " ... I have not heard the process before, so i want to know more about it... thnx
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No because that means you are relying on the redirect than the actual link.
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As per my opinion it is good to use some times when you are targeting more than one keywords for same page. Some websites won't allowing same url to be submitted. In this matter shorten url can help..
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I agree with shabbir , if you want to improve the ranking, please link to your desired page.
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Yes we can use tiny url some time.
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Its bad way to promote the site.
Do not use Shortern url like or Tiny urls.
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What is "shorten URL"?? Please tell me..

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It comes in black hat technique. Avoid using black hat methods to promote your site.