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shopping cart script does not update qtys in ie8 or ff 5.0

Discussion in 'PHP' started by tdeez173, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. tdeez173

    tdeez173 New Member

    My shopping cart and udate qtys script does not work in ie8 or ff 5.0 but it works perfectly in ie 7 and ff 3.0.10. I have googled for hours trying to fix this, and I would appreciate any help anyone could offer, thanks.

    here is my code for the change qty script
    $conn = db_connect();
     mysql_select_db ( 'tdeez173300', $conn);
      $sessid = session_id();
    if (isset($_POST['mod_s'])){
     $mod_s = $_POST['mod_s'];
    if (isset($_POST['mod_h'])){
       $mod_h = $_POST['mod_h'];
    if (isset($_POST['mod_f'])){
      $mod_f = $_POST['mod_f'];
    if (isset($_POST['hidden_ch'])){
    if (isset($_POST['menu_id'])){ 
     $query2 = "SELECT * FROM temp_data_table WHERE carttemp_hidden='$hidden_ch'"; 
     $results2 = mysql_query($query2) or (mysql_error()); 
    $query_act =  "update temp_data_table set carttemp_qty_s='$mod_s', carttemp_qty_h='$mod_h', carttemp_qty_f= '$mod_f' where carttemp_session='$sessid' and      carttemp_menu_id='$menu_id'";
    $results_act = mysql_query($query_act) or die(mysql_error());
     header("location: shoppingCart.php?action=change");
  2. tdeez173

    tdeez173 New Member

    here is my change qty script.

    $conn db_connect();
    mysql_select_db 'tdeez173300'$conn);
    $sessid session_id();

    if (isset(
    $mod_s $_POST['mod_s'];
    if (isset(
    $mod_h $_POST['mod_h'];
    if (isset(
    $mod_f $_POST['mod_f'];
    if (isset(
    if (isset(

    $query2 "SELECT * FROM temp_data_table WHERE carttemp_hidden='$hidden_ch'"
    $results2 mysql_query($query2) or (mysql_error()); 

    $query_act =  "update temp_data_table set carttemp_qty_s='$mod_s', carttemp_qty_h='$mod_h', carttemp_qty_f= '$mod_f' where carttemp_session='$sessid' and                     carttemp_menu_id='$menu_id'";
    $results_act mysql_query($query_act) or die(mysql_error());
    header("location: shoppingCart.php?action=change");
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2009
  3. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    ff 4 is not out and you working on 5, where did you get that from? :crazy:
  4. tdeez173

    tdeez173 New Member

    My bad, I was looking at mozilla 5.0, but the firefox version is actually 3.10.14 that my update qtys script is not working for, plus its not workin for ie 8. Can anyone help me out with this problem or pont me in some direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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