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I am trying to invoke a webservice from javascript.

When I work locally (html and javascript on my PC) calling the webservice on a remote pc, it is successfully working. However, when I put the htm & javascript on another pc and I open the page using ip of other pc, I am getting "Service unavailable" error!

Do you have any idea?

The following is the code I am using:
HTML Code:
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function init()
service.onServiceAvailable = alertReady;

function alertReady() {

function getQuote() {

function onmyresult(result)
if (!result.error) {
service.innerHTML = result.value;
service.innerHTML = "Error: " + result.errorDetail.code + " " + result.errorDetail.string + " " + result.errorDetail.raw;
<BODY onload="init()">
<button onclick="getQuote()">Get Quote of the Day</button> 
<div id="service" style="behavior:url(htc/"></div>
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If the code is working on one and not from other the problem does not look like to be with the code but it looks like your web server is not configured correctly. Refer to Service Unavailable error I once faced and found a solution to that problem.