What is Best SEO Tiips in 2012

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I am old in SEO but - willing to know - latest SEO tips for 2012.
- Please share - Latest seo terms according to google.

I shall be very thankful
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Panda and Penguin has ruined many SEOs and you can check out Five Major Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization After Google Penguin Update here - http://imtips.co/seo-factors.html
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Google have not published any "latest seo terms" for 2012 so it is just a case of researching and making your own decisions based on what you read.
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2012 is already about 75% over so perhaps we should be looking forward to what (if anything) could be different in 2013.
I fear that this thread could degenerate into another of those where people just post lists of things that everyone is already aware of, so to prevent that happening it is closed.