US Seo and SEO in India?

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Hi all webmasters, i just want to grab your experience about "Is there is any difference in process of SEO done in US and SEO done in India?" Everyone's experience will be most welcomed !!!
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Can it matter from where you upload the files to your server?
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I accept shabbir's point of view. SEO will be same no matter from where you do it.
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Thanks for your replies. It get clear my doubt about it. But still one question is ariseing "How".
Is there is answer how SEO process is same.
I am based in Turkey, my site is a .com hosted in the US and my main market is in the UK. Apart from setting my geographic target (in Google Webmaster Tools) to the UK, and looking for links from UK sites, I don't do anything different regards SEO because of my location, and it would be the same for India. Google is multinational and doesn't publish different Webmaster Guidelines for different countries. Your question of how is the SEO process the same cannot be answered. It can be explained how one thing is different to another by pointing out what the differences are, but how can it be explained when they are the same? They just are! I think that the question now would be, why do you think they would be different?
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There is no any difference, it will give you same results whether you do seo in India or outside it.
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Originally Posted by Ken Peterson View Post
You are opening Google from US and someone is opening Google in India they both get different results because Google gives different results for different countries. If the person who is using internet from India make use of any software for changing his Ip address of US Google shows the same results as you are getting. So from Indian person the same work can be done now that you are doing from US. Thus there is no difference if you are doing SEO from US or from India or from anywhere in the world.
It is the best answer to your query. There is no difference in SEO whether you do it from US or India. Yes, IP address is an issue but there are many solution to overcome from that. Many tools and software are available in the market which help you to get the IP address of anywhere in the world.