do the seo need knowledge in html ?

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Hello everyone, i am here, because i have some question about seo, and my question is html knowledge is compulsory or not for a professional search engine optimizer, is there anybody have idea about it, could you please help me, thx
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Yes, knowledge of HTML as well as CSS is required in SEO field. Specially in On Page Optimization of web page.............
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Yes, you'll need a little bit knowledge in HTML in Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
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Knowledge can be attained at anytime and from anywhere so why don't you go behind HTML this time. But HTML a webmaster needs to know because its comes in every cuts and corners of work, if not everything but the basics should be clear to professional SEO. Try complete solutions for all the languages.
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Yes off course knowledge of html and css will surely help you in SEO. But still if you don't have for the time being you can do SEO and with that you can carry on with grabbing the knowledge of html.
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You need to know some html. How else are you going to even have a page to optimize. Plus things like on page optimizations require a little HTML.
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Yes, You have to some basic knowledge about html for seo.
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Yes, HTML is very important for SEO..
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Yes knowledge of html is very necessary in On Page Optimization.
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Yes, it is necessary ... Although CSS is completely useless for SEO, as someone mentioned here before.