Sending Query Result to Excel

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Hi guys,

How can I send query result to EXCEL in PHP pages?

is there such a function in PHP ? any code example !
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Code: html
$items = "item1,item3";

<a href="form.php?selectedItems=<?=$items?>" >View Form<a/>

Code: html
<form name="selectionform" method="post" action="">

              <select  size="3" multiple name="selectedItems[]">
                <option value="item1">Item1</option>
                <option value="item2">Item2</option>
                <option value="item3">Item3</option>

              <input type="submit" value="View Result">

What I'm looking for is when user click "View Form" link, they get the for filled with items - i.e some items are alreay selected ---- then if the user want to deselect one of the items or select more items he should able to do that.. !

to check the result: - in form.php
PHP Code:
so what do you think ? having $_GET inside form.php will solve the problem ! .. but I've tried it and it doesn't work.. I didn't know how to handle the array and nothing selected !! .. can you take my sample code and add to it the proper things so it will work ! please
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oh the above reply was posted in the wrong thread..

didn't see an icon to edit it or deleted it .. sorry for that..