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Sending Commands to the Sys File

Discussion in 'PHP' started by __Genius__, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. __Genius__

    __Genius__ New Member

    Hi, Is there any specific function / method / class for communicating with a Sys file?
    let me explain what I want to do, I'm writing an Anti-Virus system, the main part is a sys file ( a kernel driver which I'm writing with C language ), well, for communicating with kernel driver the C programmers use DeviceIoControl(), with this function the user-mode program could send or get data from kernel mode program .
    I want to make my anti-virus with remote-control , For example I can send my commands to the base anti-virus from my office with a web script and see the result back to my web page.
    Is it possible?
    could anyone point me to some snippet which can be useful?
    thnx .
  2. arunlalds

    arunlalds Banned

  3. dasli

    dasli New Member

    mm...useful info...

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