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I have a problem, some dude that wanted to buy something from me on the internet.
he asked me to sent it with a tracking nr, but there were already some mails where contradicted him self.

Now he said he paid, and I started to get mails from barclays bank that they have the payment, and there waiting for me to sent the tracking nr.

But I already called to that bank, and they said, that this is impossible.

Now I am stalling the guy, and I told him that I sent the package, but he keep asking for the nr, but when I say, wi will sent it , and he has to the website with his info, he gives me a difficult time.

And the mails of the bank and him always comes in pairs, so something is sure wrong.
And the destination is Nigeria, everybody knows hé...

So can somebody take care of this please...

krn.amsden@hotmail.com and his same should be Karoni Amsden
ip is, I hope I didn't gave mine instead, I live in Belgium, it is that you know, he should live in the UK.

And the bank but they even don't know the e-mail address theirselfs so..;

barclay_transferservice@in.com and sender is Barclay Bank transfer service
ip is or

I didn't know for sure what ip addresses to take from the mailinfo.
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