How to send a virus via email......

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hi Guys,

This is a simple question all i want to know is there any way to send a virus via email?

i dont want to send a bad virus just a little echo loop but its in .exe or .bat form and i know most mail providers either scan of block these extensions,

is there any programs or websites or your own experties that can help me?

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mail me i have the software to send virus to mail and firlms. with id is
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You will need a binder or a joiner. You can put the file into another file that appears to be safe. Get it at
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or msn zip it up and send it to them it usually works for me but i would make it un detected first tho before doing so
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Find the events or the detected drive on your PC (like trojan horse, NakedWife, I love you, lindose, melissa, magistr, fun love and lion. 3. if you have these file on your anti virus detector search the file where it came from. 4. after getting the file (file that has virus) Open it. 5. after opening the file, find the SOURCE. (like html) 6. Copy the Html and paste it in notepad or wordpad. 7. after copying it dont close those documents until your not finish.In the internet find a wallpaper that you can get through mobile wallpaper(like ). if you choose the gallery site, you can see a bollywood sexy lady wallpaper. download the wallpaper and save . it. Always remember the procedure what i said in the first.. about the source. . put the image you downloaded in the wordpad the code is (img src="C:\Users\a\Documents\Untitled.jpg" ) something like that. merge them including the source of the virus file and the code of a wallpaper. then save as ....html. or Mr. VC.html. then save it to your USB flash. make a folder and hide the folder. dont scan the folder to your anti virus.

Into your mobile, send the photo that you have downloaded and merge to the source of the viruses. after getting this wallpaper. send to your friend Via trough email in the computer. . now you have the Basic viruses. This viruses made in between Cabir and Trojan or you call it lind the father of lindose.
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I used to send them via messenger as a link-like file <-- com is a execution extension too

just my 2 cents tho
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send to my yahoo email kk....
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Please any one can tell me how 2 send a virus via E-mail?????????????????????????????
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Read this from the top.
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I will pay $$ for some to jack up he is a spammer who claims to have a diplomat who has a trunk of $$ for you if you send him $4,000......the Diplomat will them send you a trunk.....
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