How to send to an exchange distribution list suing VB.Net 2010 .Net 4 Framework

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Sorry for the long winded explaintion of my question. Trying to get all possibly needed details.

I'm having trouble getting this to work. First, I have no access to the exchange service. I'm a peon in a very large company and trying to help out my specific department of around 40-50 people and the company as a whole has I don't know how many people, but we are a world wide company.

Anyways, my department has a distrubution list to send emails to each other (lets call it myDept) and I would like to send an email to that list. My program can be used by any number of people, but only 1 person would use it at a time (hopefully).

Right now I'm having HTML being shown on an IE Object on a form that shows what I want to email. I have the entire HTML on a variable (strHTML) that I want to send out. I need to send it to the distribution list & CC it to and

I've seen code on here that, I'm new to programming so I am assuming, goes through the entire list of email address on the exchange server. With the size of the company and this program being ran multiple times a day, every day, I don't want it to scan the all the company addresses over and over. I'd prefer never if at all possible.

All machines have Office 2007 (meaning Outlook as well) and they all have access to my program. Could someone tell me how to do what I'm looking for creating as little impact as possible in memory and on network load.

Being new, you may need to type it all out, as the example I saw by pradeep (hope I remember name right) I didn't know what it was doing and as mentioned above, assumed it's going through every single email address.

I'm using Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4, Visual Basic.NET (it's really only language I sorta know).

Thank you for your time,
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I do apologize, but either I'm blind and can't see it or it's not there. The button to edit my post instead of creating this new one.

I wanted to post the link to the post I mentioned in my email by pradeep.

It's dated back 2006.

I only included the part after the dot com in the domain name since I'm not able to post links.
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Not an issue and do you want me to merge your replied to that thread?
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No biggie, used to forum rules saying no double posting. anyways, anyone have a suggestion on how to get it to work?

I don't want to search through every single email address on the exchange server as ours has a lot.