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How to select a outsourcing site

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by PagesLee, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. PagesLee

    PagesLee New Member

    Outsourcing sites (or Freelance sites) are websites that match buyers and sellers of internet-provided services. Outsourcing site is a great place where buyers and sellers meet. Buyers who want to outsource their tasks will post job vacancies at outsourcing sites stating their requirements and qualification for the specific project. On the other hand, service providers who want to outsource thier services will bid for the projects; and the buyer shall choose among those who bid for the project he posted on the outsourcing site.
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  2. urstop

    urstop New Member

    There are a lot of freelancing sites, do a google search and you will come up with many of them.
  3. jeklin

    jeklin Banned

    Anyone who have business and want to earn more online credit, they need to require well design and well structured website. There is lots of confusion in their mind regarding a website. So here we can discussed some important steps regarding website design that will help you. Website design services are singing a significant role in web marketing era, because creative and attractive website can attract more number of visitors.

    So the website design is more meaningful for online business. Everyone wants to grow their business worldwide if you want to grow your business globally then you have attractive website which generate more attention of visitors. The most famous website have one common thing, excepting providing high quality product and services, they have eye catching and user friendly websites. And for that you need to select a creative web design company.

  4. divinequran

    divinequran New Member


    We are running a simple site http://info.w3calculator.com where you can find lot of server tips and it also grows as a fun site. We are in outsource server maintenance business for past four to five years and you can contact us through its contact page.
  5. seangtz

    seangtz New Member

  6. Lovi

    Lovi New Member

    If an outsourcing site helps you get the right people to deliver good quality work, then it's best to go to such outsourcing sites but if not, then why would I care? I'd rather hire directly.

    If you think it's easy to outsource because of the technology, then think again! It's never easy to outsource. You need to follow some basic steps and implement them. You can read essential tips here:

    Knowing what to outsource and the right time to outsource are just two of the many things you need to consider. Also, getting the right help should be considered as they will be the one to do the job. You know it's always a risk to hire strange people who will work for you and monitor them on a distance. Finding reviews, feedback and ratings should be done to avoid hiring the wrong ones. Odesk, for one, can give you a summary of the performance of a worker, so I guess that would help.
  7. Kingston

    Kingston New Member

    See as for outsourcing you can bid into form Freelancer and E-lancer Or you can build your website and handle SEO process and get the Peoples and projects from the organic search process.
  8. gel90

    gel90 New Member

    an advice on outsourcing

    Outsourcing can surely make you save money and is very effective but only if you follow some guidelines. Because even though there are lots of benefits of outsourcing, I have to admit that there are also some disadvantages.
    One good tip is always being open on hiring anyone, anywhere. There are lots of applicants who are willing to work for you and are every bit suited for the position that can be found half way around the world. This is where freelance sites like odesk and elance comes in. But you also have to have a great method of hiring to make sure you'd have high quality results. Remember, lesser cost doesn't necessarily mean poor quality.
  9. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    Out sourcing is the best way to indulge in expensive business by spending less. There so many sites available according to niche. But the main thing is to do the background check of the website so that you get to know how capable the services are to assist you in your need.
  10. gel90

    gel90 New Member

    I am so much into outsourcing.
    However, you have to always remember that there are also things you need to consider first before taking action. Questions you need to find answers to. Like, do you really need to hire someone else? Do you think it's cost effective if you outsource?
    If you're new to outsourcing, it's much better for you to learn everything there is to know about it. I just recently bumped into an article that might give you more tips, click here.

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