Seeking HTML Image Coordinates - Please Help!

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I previously used X-map to upload an image, and could then get the coordinates for the image with the mouse, but now X-map won't work. I've spent an exhorbitant amount of time scouring the internet, but have been unable to find anything that will function as I need it to. I simply want to upload a JPG or GIF image (NOT a URL, as so many pages I've found apparently require) and be able to determine specified coordinates in order to update maps on existing HTML pages. Does anyone know how to do this? It's for work, but they're not likely to want to pay for it and I can't do my job without it. Please help!
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image map specs as per the def

software and info sites

You may also want to look into doing it dynamically with javascript. You'll need to use the mouse coords to find this out for the given image. I'm rust on event coding but lots f tuts exist with this. You need to capture onmousemove the y and x coords of the image.
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Thank you Pein87! :-) I will give that a try.
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w3schools is best..