Seek Advice for Optimization of Competitive keywords.

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I have been working on a university website and now I have come across a keyword which is highly competitive and what so ever I do for creating good back links is going in drain. Its ranking is in 500's since the day i took the charge to optimize it. I have been doing rigorous bookmarking, forum posting, directory submissions, blog commenting also still its not going up. Will article posting and blog posting will give any positive response to it. Its been a month almost i am struggling. Those who have knowledge in it kindly suggest me something good, signatures can be created later also.
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Yes you can of-course try article submission and blog posting to gain good results for your highly competitive keywords. I think you need to make passion. It may take some time to get good results on SE but if you are doing quality search engine optimization.
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Well write some good articles for that competitive keyword and place them on your website's blog, interlink that keyword to page that you are promoting. Hopefully this would gives you some quick results ...
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If it is really highly competitive and there are well established sites on the first couple of Google pages, then you may have to accept that you just aren't going to crack that particular one and concentrate your efforts on alternatives. If you build your position on other related words you may well find that you begin to rank better for the one you want anyway.
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It is really very odd that you are not getting any positive results with so much efforts. This is only possible when you have highly competitive keywords. Send me your website and allow me to review it. I think; it requires some on-page optimization and keyword research because the processes you have mentioned are very effective.
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I hope you can try to submission of the article it will really help you to promotes your links to your site..
And it will also make good rank of your sites in the search engines..
There are some more suggestions to create more links to increase the page ranks of your sires.
Do follow blogs of good page rank
forum linking
Directories of high page rank..
press releases by a good software
It all will help you to increase the page rank of your university site...
... Regards....
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I think that as it is 2 months since the original posting, it would be useful to hear from jhonden again as to whether the situation has improved. If not perhaps we could know what the keyword and the site are so that better informed suggestions could be made.
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As the OP did not return the thread is closed.