How to secure a PHP page ?

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Hi all ! I am working on a website which is being developed using PHP-MySQL. I have to access the mysql database using username - password. The problem I'm having that I have kept username password in another file and used it as variables in wherever I need to connect to DB.

I have one file with username password:
wherever I want to use it, I do the following:
$con=mysql_connect($lhost,$username,$secret) or die("Server not Available");
But I don't think It's a secure practice as anyone can copy your website using website downloaders and can see the password. Is there anyother way to secure the password.
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PHP file would never give the output what its there in the variable unless you do some echo or other stuff. I am damn sure the site is more secure than you are thinking of.
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Ok. Thanks Shabbir. I tried few website copiers to download the website, which downloaded only HTML pages. It means PHP page won't be downloaded ?