In search of a freeware keylogger

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Hello there, I am in search of a freeware keylogger that in addition to the keylogging, can capture snapshots of the screen as well as from the webcam (if available at the target box). Let us assume that I don't have physical access to the target box, and therefore I have to send the keylogger to target through email and the logs and snapshots to be emailed to an ID right from the targeted system anonymously. I am running fedora 9 and my target box is running Windows Vista.

I found 'pykeylogger' on Google, but this doesn't seem to be very nice. If someone used pykeylogger or any other and found good, please share.

BTW : The target box is my own system, in the next room

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LOL "BTW : The target box is my own system, in the next room"

Yeah right
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Um, why would you need a keylogger for a computer that's in the next room? And why would you need it sent remotely if it's in the next room? Just askin'